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I am well versed in the landlord tenant rules and regulations we are governed by in Ontario and I love teaching landlords about this business. Being a landlord is so much more than just purchasing a home and putting someone in it. It's important to choose a realtor that is right for you & your specific needs and goals. I would love to have the opportunity to show you why I can be the professional for you! 

My Real Estate Story

In 2016, I purchased my first home. A little bungalow, with nicotine dripping down the walls and the smell of years of neglect. I walked in, and fell in love. I knew this would be the beginning of my portfolio, MY real estate story. I had $7,000 that I had saved up, which was enough for my down payment. I worked with PenFinancial using a program called "Purchase Plus Improvement". This program meant that the bank would assist me with my renovation costs. SWEET! I collected quotes from multiple contractors, bought a LOT of paint, and rolled up my sleeves. Fast forward 8 years, that tiny red bungalow with a big idea, has turned into multiple investment properties, a farm & some dreams come true. 

Carlie Smith
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